Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome Back!

Dear University Fashionistas, Mododivas, and all affiliates,

Welcome back in the new academic year! Mododiva will hope to bring you lots of interesting and inspiring content in the coming months. We've had an editorial meeting recently and established our objectives for this blogging space. We'll be having a few general themes which we'll post about, and you will be able to easily identify them through the tags. What we want to share with you will circle around the following:

- "trends"
Not necessarily a "must wear xyz this season", but more of an observational approach. We'd like to post about things we notice around us, things that seem to click and fit, things that inspire us and point in new directions.

- places
We thought London needs a bit of guidance. Even those of us who have lived here for years discover new places all the time, not to mention newcomers dazed by the vastness of it all. So we'll post things about all sorts of great locations.

- campus fashion
From the streets to the lecture theatres, we present an entirely subjective selection of diverse, stylish outfits spotted around uni.

- magazine review
So much stuff is printed left and right, on paper as well as virtually, and often these things make up whole constellations of beautiful, awesome, inspiring images. With the help of a scanner, we aim to bring them together and share a bit of the gorgeous stuff we find.

- sustainable fashion
Mododiva would like to keep up the green credentials by giving you lots of sustainable ideas about fashion, which doesn't ever have to be wasteful or environmentally unfriendly.

- MODO events
It would be nice to treat this blog as a platform for reviews and photos from the many events we're running this year. This way you'd learn a bit more about what we do, and hopefully get involved!

On that note, if you wanted to participate in the making of this blog, please do let us know: comment under any entry or email us at uclu.modo at with the word 'blog' mentioned somewhere. It would be lovely to have as many contributors as possible! Writers, photographers, designers, web editors - whoever you are. Looking forward to this whole next year of exciting blogging!

For a start, a make-up inspiration from a recent issue of Wysokie Obcasy:

I tried this out in slightly less extreme versions a few times, and the effect was stunning. For nails, I bought very small nail polish tester type bottles and painted each nail a different shade of red/pink. You could go for a similar effect by borrowing different colours off friends. Same goes to eyeshadow: the above colour combo is so rich it looks great with all-black or all-white outfits. Mix up different shades (again, borrowing from friends is a way that won't require you to buy a million separate products), and you can go a bit crazy with extending the painting surface.

Be playful and experiment,

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