Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer Break by M.O.

Dear Mododivas,

As exams are over for everyone at this point (I hope!), many of us will be enjoying a holiday, internship, summer job, or other exciting opportunities. This blog will cease operations for the next few months, but only to come back in late September with a redesign, new writers, and more focused content. There will be an information meeting for writers, editors, web designers, researchers and photographers (and anyone else who'd like to contribute) sometime between Freshers Fayre and the end of Joining Fortnight (first days of October), and you should also feel free to email me anytime until then at marta at martalucysummer dot com if you'd like to get involved. I hope you have enjoyed reading what we've come up with in the past 8 months or so! A big thank you to everyone involved and all our readers.

To sum up my yearly column about sustainable fashion, I have two links to share:

Tavi, you're doing it right.

Guardian, you're doing it wrong.

Have a great summer!

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