Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fresh for Fridays: Faking your Fringe by J.T.

A fringe always makes a bold statement and adds structure to your hairstyle. However, we all know that there are disadvantages to having them permanently. They take forever to grow out and the growing out process is just painful. Especially when you hate dealing with bobby pins and hairspray everyday.

If you have chin length hair, or even shoulder length hair, here's an easy way to 'fake' your fringe for the night to jazz up your look. It's also a creative way of concealing your forehead temporarily for whatever reason.

Step 1: Figure out where your hair parts.

Step 2: Part it two inches to the left or right depending on where you want your fringe to start from.

Step 3: Sweep it to the other side while twisting it so that you can easily tuck it into the ear.

Step 4: Tuck it into the ear if it's long enough or just secure with some bobby pins and tuck it under a bunch of hair.

In 4 easy steps, you can subtly alter your hairstyle and conceal any imperfections on the forehead. Feel free to comment!

Keep it MODO, people!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Week in Cowboy Boots by V B

Cowboy boots are an absolute classic item and like a little black dress, or good winter coat, every girl should own a pair. My cowboy boot's heels have been replaced many times because I wear them so much and I intend to keep wearing them until I am working granny chic. Cowboy boots have that rare fashion trait of being stylish and practical as they are warm, waterproof, hard wearing and look great at the bottom of any legs.

When I first saw my cowboy boots I knew it was going to be a long lasting love affair; however like so many affairs of the heart I was going to have make sacrifices. At £95 they were going to be the single most expensive clothing item I had ever bought and I knew I could not part with the money easily. I would often walk by the shop and look at them or go onto the web to get a 360 degree digital view of my burgandy babies. I spoke to friends who already owned cowboy boots to see if they were a sound investment and showed the pair I had my eye on to anyone who didn’t get away fast enough. Eventually I managed to settle the money and my conscience and after the cashier managed to prize the cash from my grip they were mine and I have never looked back.

Too prove to you what a fashion must have Cowboy boots are I’m not just going to wax lyrical but demonstrate their versatility. Every day of the last week I have worn my boots with a different outfit for a different occasion, and as you can see below they looked great every time.


On Friday I went for a nautical theme to show that cowboy boots go with so many different looks. The boots gave quite a casual look a stylish twist which was perfect for attending lectures and coffee on campus. In the evening I was working on a radio programme for the University’s Destination London events. With boots in tow I attended a book reading and discussion event and interviewed the participants afterwards. In this situation a good pair of cowboy boots are great as their quality leather and fine patterned stitch work ooze quality and look smart enough for these formal intellectual situations.

On Saturday I really put the practical side of my cowboy boots to the test by wearing them on an archaeological field trip. Whilst knitwear and anoraks are never a good look, the cowboy boots meant I could still bring a bit of style to the occasion. The boots had to brave rain, scale Roman walls and climb Iron Age Hillforts all the while keeping my feet dry and staying incredibly comfortable. Whilst archaeology is not synonymous with style on Saturday my cowboy boots proved practical can be beautiful.


I went for a slightly rocky look on Sunday to show the edgier side of the cowboy boots and how well they work with new indie looks. I went to the Imax to see ‘Up’ (which was fab by the way, go see!) and yet again the boots were incredibly comfortable. I always like to look my best when heading into central London, so I can hold my head high among all the other beautiful people, and my boots made my look bold and my feet comfortable during a long sit down in the cinema.


Monday is another university day and so I went for a quirky look. What is great about cowboy boots is they do not tie your look down and whilst they may conjure images of checked shirts and line dances they are as flexible a wardrobe staple as court shoes or flip flops. By teaming the boots with a comic T-Shirt and bold colours they stand out as unique bright footwear that have been given a new young context a million miles away from their ranch hand forefathers.

Another day another museum. On Tuesday I rocked Roman Verulamium’s world by traipsing round the museum in my boots and a highly appropriate geek chique look. Yet again the boots looked fantastic and were as comfortable as anything as I walked from site to site. They effortlessly took me from Roman mosaics, to an 18th century mill, to a medieval barn all the while looking fab and feeling terrific.


On Wednesday my boots were treated to a night on the town as I took them to the opening of a new venue Proud Cabaret. Cowboy boots are great for going out as they can be dressed up and give your feet much need protection from wayward stilettos on the dance floor. I gave the boots a 1920s twist with my outfit and they fitted effortlessly into the cabaret scene.

The morning after the night before and I am so glad I have my comfortable boots to wear. After Wednesday night I went for a slouchy comfortable outfit that required little effort. Whilst checked shirts should be avoided when wearing cowboy boots for fear of single-handedly recreating the Wild West, the wide checks, turquoise colour and long shape of this dress-shirt happily avoids cowboy syndrome.

As you can see from my week in Cowboy boots they go with so much, look amazing, and are comfortable and hard-wearing. If my living style demonstration hasn’t converted you, John Wayne will be having words!

Keep it Modo people ;)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Row, row, row your boat... by Z.Y.

Gently down the street... yes, bring the subtle beauty of the sea.

Perhaps all the backpacking in summer has worn your hardy trainers down; or perhaps you’re just tired of starting another new term with your decade-old Converse – if you find yourself entertaining such thoughts, why not try something new and buy yourself a pair of boat shoes?

Alternatively known as deck shoes and top-siders, boat shoes' striking features are the bold overstitching round the vamp and the lace that runs through the quarter and the counter. This versatile foorwear caters for all occasions - on your way to school, it is smart without being overly posh; at parties, it is quirky without being tasteless.

As the name suggests, boat shoes were initially created for boaters to weather slippery floors and seepage problems. Some varieties of boat shoes, usually made from leather with rubber soles, still maintain this function and are great investments especially now the weather's turning wet. Check out Sperry Top-Sider for an interesting range.

However, if you're not into leather wear or simply can't afford them, boat shoes also frequently come in other materials, commonly canvas (which will probably the cheapest variety you will find). Depending on the quality, these may not as effectively prevent seepage, but given the usual cut (particularly the characteristically low collar) one can be certain that they will be comfy. If you fancy yourself more adventurous, you can alway go for a more daring version like this pair here:

So what are you waiting for? Go get a pair today and keep it MODO people ;)!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Style at the UCL Freshers Fayre

Dear University Fashionistas,

UCL Freshers Fayre was a couple of days ago and it was a wonderful experience. We had a large stall at the centre of the fayre and had the opportunity to chat to many MODO wannabes! Some of them were even interested into turning this blog into a fabulous project and I can't wait to see the new posts by the new MOgglers (that's our new name for the MODO bloggers :P). We loved the enthusiasm at the fayre, the drama, the gossip and the outfits. We tried to take loads of pictures of people but in the whole excitement of explaining to people what MODO is all about we managed to take lots of blurred or too dark pictures! Here are some of the surviving pictures, just to give you a taste of the way style was carried off at Freshers Fayre.

We loved this outfit because of the beautiful pastel colours which have been conquering this season. This is a perfect outfit for university, casual and chic at the same time, without being too old-looking!

What more can be said about this outfit that is not visible from the picture? Absolutely gorgeously simple but super cool look, because university is not all about blouse and conservative skirt! And the haircut is incredibly edgy!

If you want to go for a more old-school look for academia, then jazzing it up with some leopard prints and a beautiful bag will definetely do the trick! We loved this ensemble for its wonderful vintage feel!

This is one trick you will always need at university: have a great piece of outerwear. The reason? Most of the time you will be going around between lectures, library, meetings, coffee, drinks etc. Therefore, your coat will always be the piece people see the most and more often. So, why not buy one as beautiful as this one?

Wow, this look is Parisian-meets-Academic-in-Rome-to-fly-for-a-London-weekend! Chic, easy, sophisticated and clever. All you need to be in university!

This is one for the boys (despite being quite blurred!): coolness is about justified attitude. And that's the reason this outfit looks so natural and effortless, despite the incredibly amazing double-glasses (the picture does not make them justice!).

How many times will I have to repeat: OVERSIZED JEWELLERY!!! They are the absolute divas of any wardrobe on a budget. As students, we might not be able to buy a Christian Lacroix gown, so the next best thing is to embellish our pretty blazer or dress with OVERSIZED JEWELLERY! They just steal the show and bring an outfit to the next level! Love these ones from Topshop!

Last point, dark florals. They are everywhere and they are to-die-for! They look elegant enough for the evening and casual enough for the day. In other words: you will look amazing at every hour of the day, no matter whether you are running between lectures or procrastinating at your friend's place!
So, that's all for now, watch out for our MOgglers, they will be looking for some more stylishly dressed people around campus.
Until then,
Keep it MODO, people ;)!