Thursday, 28 October 2010

MODO Events: October 20th-27th 2010

This last week has been another busy one for the MODO team, here are some of the highlights!

Wednesday saw the first of this year's Bootsales, organized by our lovely Volunteering Coordinator Tori. I wasn't able to make this event myself so can't claim credit for the photos, these were all taken by our blog team member Saffron.

The sale was a success, and as thus we at MODO have call to say;


If you have anything that no longer fits, or you no longer want, or that belongs to a mean and nastly ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/flatmate*, you are encouraged to place it in the box in the CSC labelled MODO, and we will sell it on in one of our bootsales. Forty percent of our profits go directly to Fairtrade organizations, so come and support a good cause! The next bootsale will be on Tuesday the 16th of November, from 2-6pm in UCL's South Junction.

*Disclaimer: MODO does not encourage the theft of clothes, shoes or books from anybody, however mean and nasty they may be!

Thursday saw callbacks for models following the success of Model Auditions last week. In total 48 people walked for us at callbacks, and our final 34 models have now been chosen. This was a very fun and exciting process (particularly for me as a designer!), and I am now EXTREMELY excited about the show!

In the second picture there, you can see Christine, MODO's Head of Photography, taking headshots of each model. These photos will be put on the website and sent out to all designers in order to help them choose the perfect girls and boys to model their clothes. 

Monday this week saw the continuation of craft circle, which will continue to run every week from 1-2pm in the rehearsal room on the first floor of the Bloomsbury Building. Cake was eaten, stitches were made, and gossip was shared. Feel free to join us next week!

Tuesday brought "How to Design with Marta". The Marta in question was of course our very own blog coordinator, teaching the importance of research and concepts in the design process.

Everyone looks very deep in thought!

This was one of the classes this year that I was most looking forward to, and was based around an intensive course taught by Central Saint Martins, compressed down into 2 hours. It really shows the power of a society such as MODO that we are able to offer such classes and share our knowledge around so many interested people!

Next week brings a variety of activities:
Designer's Meeting tonight, the EGM on Monday, where we will be electing our new treasurer, Beginner's Knitting on Tuesday (now sold out) and a Model workshop also on Tuesday.

Speak soon,


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