Thursday, 5 November 2009

Give Earmuffs a Chance by V.B.

I am definately a winter girl. I love wrapping up warm in scarf and gloves to brave the cold then coming home to a pure liquid cosy thick knit. However there is one winter item I have never sported and that's the earmuff. Whether its the image of little girls in bright pink fluffy ones or novelty burger versions the earmuff has never been the first point of call when the temperature drops. Now its November and it is definately getting cold (lets take a moment to say goodbye to those autumn blazers) I propose we think again about the earmuff as a quirky solution to that British winter problem; painfully cold ears.

Let's consider the alternatives. When I was on my gap year in Canada the ear protection of choice was not far off a sweat band that wrapped round your head like a wollen Alice band, never a good look. Then there's the oversized wolly hat pulled down over your ears which alas can only truly be carried off by trainspotters and patio gnomes. Now the dearstalker is ear covering head wear I would advocate anyday, its a classic look but hard to find south of Baker Street, so it seems the earmuff really is the solution. At New Look you can find these heart shaped ones which do edge on the cute side, however with their twist on the usual round version they're just kitsch enough to be cool.

If you want to get away from the fluffy Debenhams do these great Alpine versions.

So the next time the wind is blowing and it is bitterly cold outside you'll see me snug and warm rocking some earmuffs, and whilst I may get a few odd looks I know they'll be jealous as my ears will be warm and more importantly will look fabulous.
Keep it Modo people ;)

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