Friday, 20 November 2009

Fresh for fridays: Faustus make-up fashion by J.T.

This week, I did make-up for Dr. Faustus which was shown in the Bloomsbury Theatre. There are some interesting characters that I got to experiment with make-up wise. However, I'd just like to post my 2 favorite characters that I did in terms of make-up.

Bad Angel

For the bad angel, I just put really dark eyes and blended them to look as naturally evil as possible. What I love about what I was able to make-up wise was the freedom to do the spirals in any way that I wanted.

Here is another variation of the dark angel. Instead of spirals, I just put in some simpler curvy lines to make her look cold and evil.

Good Angel

I put small golden dots underneath her eyes and just brightened up her eyelids with shiny silver eyeshadow (which unfortunately cannot be seen in the picture). Instead of putting blush, I drew some lines coming in with silver, aqua, pink and yellow eyeshadow.

Hope this inspires you to be more adventurous in your make-up endeavors.

Keep it modo people!


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