Monday, 2 November 2009

Back To School by K.R.

This autumn I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my style. The Elle
Talent Competition question “What is Style to You?” left me reeling. After much deliberation (though, unfortunately, no entry into the competition – what’s a girl to do what with so much final year degree work?) I decided that I definitely could not pin my style down to one distinct category and worried that my attempt to put the idea of a fluid style into words would come out like the kind of badly-articulated, badly-styled nonsense Amber from Clueless might come up with.

Nonetheless, it’s not just me. For some people age, mood and trends can have a lot more to do with what they wear than any consistent contrived style per se. I reckon (for the time being anyway) I’m one of those people.

As such, this autumn I’m taking inspiration from some of the best-dressed school kids I’ve seen on the box recently. Ironic perhaps, that this being my last year of education, I choose now to experiment with (and cling onto?) a uniform aesthetic, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that kilts look great against a backdrop of crisp golden leaves.

Style icons for this look include Twin Peaks' raunchy Audrey Horne, whose style straddles the line between audacious schoolgirl and astute businesswoman, and Donna Hayward, whose edgy button-up shirts, slouchy jumpers and suede tassel jackets give schoolgirl a rock 'n' roll undertone. Meanwhile the plaid skirt suits as seen on Cher and Dionne in Clueless epitomise a quirky take on school uniform, and the cast of Dawson’s Creek give the look a 90's minimalistic cool.

How I yearn for high-school lockers. UCL should really get in on the act.

Dungarees on Andie and just rolled out of bed and into lectures hair on Jen - oh yes.

Layering jumpers or 'sweater-vests' over crisp shirts look chic. If you're brave attempt a more 70's-esque shirt style - bold collar and cuff shapes say 'I mean business' Give me that First!'.

Albeit they don’t always nail their look (- Dawson’s Creek is filled with 90’s errors of judgement) but they certainly have some spiffing jumpers. The pairing of slouchy 80's jumpers and kilts in David Lynch's Twin Peaks is a genius coupling of effortless comfort and rockabilly style.

What's more, the current popularity of blazers and brogues can only help you nail this look.

Keep it Modo people ;)


  1. i heart you K.R

  2. nice!

    more (quite obvious and crowd-pleasing) school uniforms from:

    the breakfast club

    pretty in pink

    (i'm clearly just in love with Molly Ringwald)

    aaand gossip girl!

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