Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Style at the UCL Freshers Fayre

Dear University Fashionistas,

UCL Freshers Fayre was a couple of days ago and it was a wonderful experience. We had a large stall at the centre of the fayre and had the opportunity to chat to many MODO wannabes! Some of them were even interested into turning this blog into a fabulous project and I can't wait to see the new posts by the new MOgglers (that's our new name for the MODO bloggers :P). We loved the enthusiasm at the fayre, the drama, the gossip and the outfits. We tried to take loads of pictures of people but in the whole excitement of explaining to people what MODO is all about we managed to take lots of blurred or too dark pictures! Here are some of the surviving pictures, just to give you a taste of the way style was carried off at Freshers Fayre.

We loved this outfit because of the beautiful pastel colours which have been conquering this season. This is a perfect outfit for university, casual and chic at the same time, without being too old-looking!

What more can be said about this outfit that is not visible from the picture? Absolutely gorgeously simple but super cool look, because university is not all about blouse and conservative skirt! And the haircut is incredibly edgy!

If you want to go for a more old-school look for academia, then jazzing it up with some leopard prints and a beautiful bag will definetely do the trick! We loved this ensemble for its wonderful vintage feel!

This is one trick you will always need at university: have a great piece of outerwear. The reason? Most of the time you will be going around between lectures, library, meetings, coffee, drinks etc. Therefore, your coat will always be the piece people see the most and more often. So, why not buy one as beautiful as this one?

Wow, this look is Parisian-meets-Academic-in-Rome-to-fly-for-a-London-weekend! Chic, easy, sophisticated and clever. All you need to be in university!

This is one for the boys (despite being quite blurred!): coolness is about justified attitude. And that's the reason this outfit looks so natural and effortless, despite the incredibly amazing double-glasses (the picture does not make them justice!).

How many times will I have to repeat: OVERSIZED JEWELLERY!!! They are the absolute divas of any wardrobe on a budget. As students, we might not be able to buy a Christian Lacroix gown, so the next best thing is to embellish our pretty blazer or dress with OVERSIZED JEWELLERY! They just steal the show and bring an outfit to the next level! Love these ones from Topshop!

Last point, dark florals. They are everywhere and they are to-die-for! They look elegant enough for the evening and casual enough for the day. In other words: you will look amazing at every hour of the day, no matter whether you are running between lectures or procrastinating at your friend's place!
So, that's all for now, watch out for our MOgglers, they will be looking for some more stylishly dressed people around campus.
Until then,
Keep it MODO, people ;)!

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