Monday, 26 October 2009

Row, row, row your boat... by Z.Y.

Gently down the street... yes, bring the subtle beauty of the sea.

Perhaps all the backpacking in summer has worn your hardy trainers down; or perhaps you’re just tired of starting another new term with your decade-old Converse – if you find yourself entertaining such thoughts, why not try something new and buy yourself a pair of boat shoes?

Alternatively known as deck shoes and top-siders, boat shoes' striking features are the bold overstitching round the vamp and the lace that runs through the quarter and the counter. This versatile foorwear caters for all occasions - on your way to school, it is smart without being overly posh; at parties, it is quirky without being tasteless.

As the name suggests, boat shoes were initially created for boaters to weather slippery floors and seepage problems. Some varieties of boat shoes, usually made from leather with rubber soles, still maintain this function and are great investments especially now the weather's turning wet. Check out Sperry Top-Sider for an interesting range.

However, if you're not into leather wear or simply can't afford them, boat shoes also frequently come in other materials, commonly canvas (which will probably the cheapest variety you will find). Depending on the quality, these may not as effectively prevent seepage, but given the usual cut (particularly the characteristically low collar) one can be certain that they will be comfy. If you fancy yourself more adventurous, you can alway go for a more daring version like this pair here:

So what are you waiting for? Go get a pair today and keep it MODO people ;)!

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