Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fresh for Fridays: Faking your Fringe by J.T.

A fringe always makes a bold statement and adds structure to your hairstyle. However, we all know that there are disadvantages to having them permanently. They take forever to grow out and the growing out process is just painful. Especially when you hate dealing with bobby pins and hairspray everyday.

If you have chin length hair, or even shoulder length hair, here's an easy way to 'fake' your fringe for the night to jazz up your look. It's also a creative way of concealing your forehead temporarily for whatever reason.

Step 1: Figure out where your hair parts.

Step 2: Part it two inches to the left or right depending on where you want your fringe to start from.

Step 3: Sweep it to the other side while twisting it so that you can easily tuck it into the ear.

Step 4: Tuck it into the ear if it's long enough or just secure with some bobby pins and tuck it under a bunch of hair.

In 4 easy steps, you can subtly alter your hairstyle and conceal any imperfections on the forehead. Feel free to comment!

Keep it MODO, people!

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