Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Leather Woman.

On the second day of living with my new flatmates at university, I wore my leather trousers out. Head telling me no, heart telling me yes, I wore them and two months later I am still getting ribbed for them. Any leather items I now wear just add to my reputation as Little Miss Leather (or Leather Woman as I was called at Camden Town tube station on Halloween by a random fella – yes I went as Catwoman in all my leather glory). I’m regularly guided to leather goods in shops by friends with a cheeky smile, told that I must love THAT scene in Pulp Fiction (you know the one I mean) and just generally associated with all connotations of leather.

Don't try this at home.
But still, I wear my studded leather jacket with pride for the rocker chic edge it can give to an outfit and it was only natural that my Halloween costume was going to be Catwoman - hey, at least my outfit was free. No doubt though, there are definate faux pas when it comes to leather. Head to toe just doesn’t work unless you are a real Catwoman, Halle Berry or a biker. I’m even on the fence with coloured leather trousers like the red ones that Victoria Beckham wore recently to Selfridges on Oxford Street. Yeah she looked good, but they were just too in your face for my liking; they could’ve been toned down with some black boots maybe for a more nonchalant feel. To be honest, I’d even go as far as saying that the matchy-matchy shoes make the whole look a bit tacky, but there’s no denying that not everyone could pull this look off; she is one of a kind.

For us students though, there are so many leather-upholstered fashion avenues that we could try; we are young enough! Leather skirts and shorts are all over the high street, and even the faux leather items could be pulled of as the real deal so the look doesn’t even have to create a massive dent in your student loan. The trousers are almost as classic as a biker jacket and can be dressed up or down for day or night. But for those who still think they’re a little raunchy, racy and “what would my mother say”, why not invest in a little leather jacket that’ll see you through season to season, and make you impossibly in style at the moment. Inevitably leather is everywhere and so hot for this season. Its timeless appeal and classic staple status tells me that leather will be around for a while.



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