Sunday, 28 November 2010

A few blog recommendations

None deal especially with sustainable fashion, but that's only the evidence that the *~trend~* is seeping into the fashion world slowly, surely, and consistently.

1. White Lightning

'The musings, stylings & obsessions of Elizabeth Spiridakis', New York based writer, fashionista, feminist, zine-maker and overall fantastic woman. She regularly posts the results of her crafternoons, in which she produces awesome shit using mostly paper and scissors. Here's a paper PS1 she made for her friend:

construction paper PS1 by Elizabeth Spiridakis
Proenza Schouler original

And a paper Spring 2011 striped canvas Prada weekender:

Materials: drugstore construction paper, scissors, glue stick, Scotch tape, black felt tip pen.
Amount of time spent: 2 episodes of Law & Order: SVU on Hulu (approx 90 mins.)

the inspiration: Prada SS11

'Perhaps this is the best way to deal with my wishlists, rendering my fashion dreams outta scissors and tape. it's cathartic!' Awesome, awesome idea! Comment to suggest new construction paper bags Elizabeth should make; and by all means, follow in her footsteps and DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME.

2. SOS! Save Our Shoes

When you comment, the message you get is: 'Thanks for telling us something. Remember to recycle, switch lights off and the gin is on us. <3'. SOS! Save Our Shoes is ran by two best friends separated by half the world, Fi and Lj. They list very diverse inspirations and likes (petting dogs, cracking joints, bubble baths, chatting to grannies, cranberry juice, free publications, platform heels, pulling hairs and spiced rum, entre autres). They post about young local designers, own interpretations of trends, pop-up or vintage shop recommendations around London, and even organize competitions.

Top from Yes Brian, you look terrific vintage shop that popped up a couple of weeks ago in the basement of Maiden

hat by Anna Jouli, made especially for New Era's 90th birthday, Fiona's recommendation for the royal engagement party

statue of liberty in a pendant by hélène pé. Other members that appear in her jewelry include cats, owls, and angry screaming whales.

enter SOS's competition and win this  Maggie Angus necklace

3. Spotted on Campus

This gets political. UCL's own fashion blogger, or rather, fashion assistant & writer/english student/political activist/smiths DJ & superfan/gin dependent/gay bar royalty/trashfash TV addict/walking non-sequitur Jessica Wilde is the woman behind UCL Occupation's fantastically excellent twitter campaign, making huge political and stylish waves from the occupied Jeremy Bentham Room onto the whole virtual and RL world. Jessica usually posts pictures of well-dressed people from around campus to show what UCL students are wearing, but also 'give[s] advice on what the student loan can stretch to and offer[s] procastinatory dwellings on what we'd rather spend our maintenance grants on.'

spotted by Jessica outside the Bloomsbury: Lettie, 2nd year Classics

She recently covered some big names + high street chains collabs that make certain desirable things a lot more affordable:

Henry Holland x Roxy
Lanvin x H&M
Winehouse x Fred Perry

Right now fashion posts have taken a back seat as Wilde is primarily engaged in tweeting the revolution: 'I can tell you that there are a surprising number of beautiful and well-dressed people occupying this room, but unfortunately we are more occupied with other things.' And yet she is doing it in style, having occupied the Jeremy Bentham room in leather trousers for three days straight. She also proposed a solidarity catwalk should take place. If you haven't heard of UCL Occupation yet, I urge you to check their blog, facebook, twitter and follow them and their updates on the fight against cuts and rising tuition fees. It's a massively important movement and everyone should do their bit to contribute! This blog is in full solidarity with the cause. Sign the petition. Get involved. Here's how you can help. Also follow Jessica herself on twitter for political as well as fashion updates:

In solidarity,


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