Monday, 7 December 2009

Leggings: A Cultural Phenomenon? by K.R.

I've never really understood the whole leggings craze.

I can see that they represent a subtle but steadfast return to 80's fashion and certainly there are aspects of that look that appeals to me.  On some people they look really chic yet laidback.  However the majority of the time - mostly I suppose at the beginning of this decade - leggings were ubiquitously worn by Essex girls, half way up the calf and paired with a denim mini skirt, which quite frankly, makes me shudder in disgust.

But most recently leggings have become a wardrobe basic of most women across Britain, and indeed, the world.  Our obsession with The Skinny (skinny jeans, skinny legs, skinny body) has grown exponentially into a shrunken, shrink-wrapped trouser.  Maybe the noughties has, in fact, been the decade of the legs.

Furthermore, the 'fashionable' masses have clung to leggings, diversifying them to justify these glorified pair of tights as something worth investing in: shiny, sequined, ripped (in-keeping with another trend-hate of mine: Balmainia a la Alice Dellal) and most recently, faux denim.

 But what I really don't understand is the WAY people wear them.  Originally worn under skirts and dresses, leggings had all the appeal of ultra-thick tights (so cosy in winter), but nowadays leggings are worn more often as trousers.  Indeed, they are the new trousers.

This is the most puzzling.  In a world so obsessed with body shape, in which every fashion spread and advertisement plugs us with body insecurities and tells us we can never be too thin, how is it that leggings have become such a huge, not trend, but staple?  Is this not a paradox?

Perhaps leggings in fact thus represent a shift towards a merging of comfort with style; women now pair snug leggings with oversized tees and tunic tops, covering all manner of sins, yet inject a sense of haute couture with towering heels. (Check look of the day 68 for the Ultimate Heels to pair with leggings:

So perhaps fashion has conceded to let us have a bit of comfort and conveys a sense of realism about women's body shapes and how women want to look - whether you're an Olsen twin or not, there is a way for you to work leggings and look damn hot doing it.

But essentially fashion will never be fashion unless it's paired with skyscraper heels...

Keep it Modo people ;)

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  1. noughties - the decade of the legs, i like it!

    what is an even worse habit than wearing leggings as trousers is wearing tights as trousers. i blame leggings for that.

    not sure how accommodating leggings are of different body types, and hence the superskinny pressure. i see your point with oversized tees and heels though, it's a look that's more available than, say, red carpet dresses.

    1. i find this social phenomenon, or "TREND", as a bold new step in the on going process that is the sexual revolution. Women are becoming ever more equal in society, and therefore encounter greater freedom. The new generation does not respect the beauty of the state of society and intends on exploiting it.
      How long will it take for moral standards to restrict nothing of sexuality? I credit myself with no abilities of foresight, but present indications lead one to believe that a future consisting of no boundaries and promiscuity is a dead term and idea, for there would be no basis to attribute too.
      In short, sluts yo.

  2. WUT BRO!
    Dont you like looking at AZZ AN TITZ ALL THE TIME
    I foking love how you can see the hotest bitches ass at school all the time! Even the quite bitches get down with showing off to daddy wut dey got.
    If you rub up on it in like passing, its totally the shit.

  3. Women are entering a state in society where it is to be considered "freakish" to not engage in their own sexuality. A persons sexuality is their own personal business, whether a whore, a nun, or somewhere in the middle.
    Personally, I only wish that intimacy be maintained now and forever. People need to value their own body and view their engagement in sexual intercourse, or acts, with foresight. One day a person may think differently upon their actions.
    This is only my opinion.