Monday, 21 December 2009

Countryside Chic by V.B.

As luscious girls about town it is unlikely we give the countryside a second thought; far too busy looking splendid on the tube. However as this A/W has prooved a look inspired by the farmer's wife can be sophisticated and quirky and work as well in the city as in the country.

Blake Lively is continuing to emerge as a key figure in fashion, experimenting with lots of different styles and looking stunning in whatever she wears. Her branch out to countryside chic demonstrates that you do not need to go top-to-toe tweed to work the look, with a key item such as her waistcoat paying homage to the Shires.

The countryside look can be overdone (see below!) however certain pieces and looks do have an eccentric charm. The opportunity for your gent to sport some striking knee high socks or dashing riding boots is not to be sniffed at. This style also offers the chance to bring in some fur accents, such as collers, which add a touch of glamour and class whilst maintaining an overall smart and subtle look.

The trouser suit was given a countryside twist on the catwalk and whilst this may be too farmer Giles for you there are still fashion moments to be had. Remove the tweed jacket and the waistcoat and trousers would look brilliant with a feminine blouse or camisolle. Or conversly keep the jacket and try it with skinny jeans and T-shirt for a Hackney twist on the farmer look.

Go on, give tweed a chance!

Keep it Modo people ;)

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