Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland's Fashion Legacy by V.B.

With the new Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland gracing our cinemas this year it seems like an opportune moment to explore the influence of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy world on fashion’s imagination. This look’s eclectic mix of the girly and the surreal means there is great flexibility in the style, offering flights of fashion fantasy if you dare plunge into Wonderland.

Let’s have a peek down the rabbit hole....

The full dress or skirt is key to the Alice look, however if you do not want to look too 1950s housewife use soft fabrics to keep the fullness of the skirt without the rigidity. This soft skirt and white tights combination embodies the gentle girlishness of Alice, whilst the lace echoes Victorian styles evoking Alice’s underskirts or smock.

Whist this look is feminine and playful it does not have to be limited to pastel colours or flowing fabrics. Stripes echo Carroll’s eccentric word, whilst you do not need reminding who in Wonderland this quirky hat look emulates. A pinafore and blouse is a less girly alternative to the full skirt as it still brings to mind Alice the Victorian school girl.

Play with colours and fabrics to achieve the eccentricity key to Wonderland. Coloured or patterned tights or socks are mischievous and can be used with a more sombre outfit to still give it a sense of fun. Checked patterns tend to stir up images of Scotland or Texas ranches, however when worn as a tea-dress with a soft cardigan they channel the style of Alice through the fabric choice of the Mad Hatter.

The peculiar reigns supreme in Wonderland, so express your inner oddball within the safe constraints of Victorian tailoring. This wet weather look is a perfect example as the raincoat dress is surreal yet stylish and unapologetically feminine.

For the Alice in Wonderland look to take you through the last few months of winter and into spring team your quirky dress with thick tights, long cardigan and lace petticoat to ensure your look is eccentric yet warm.

As to that final touch of Wonderland, wear a pocket watch or teapot necklace to take the curiousness of the Mad Hatter’s tea party with you and never be late for a very important date.

Keep it Modo people ;)

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