Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fashion in the freeze by V. B.

Over the last few weeks us Brits have been treated to sub thermal temperatures with no sign of a warm up anytime soon. Whilst fashion can often overtake the practical (high heels anyone?) when you are being subjected to temperatures well below freezing even the most stylish among us will reach for the chunky knit and slippers. I myself have been digging out most items in my wardrobe and wearing them simultaneously, taking the layered look to extremes that only a bag lady could appreciate. However as the following examples of winter chic will prove the big freeze can be met with style, keeping you warm, attractive and most importantly well-dressed.

Good tailoring is a must for winter as it prevents you looking shapeless and shabby when wearing several layers. The quality jacket, trousers and shoes help to keep this look sharp whilst the chunky scarf and cardigan create texture as well as warmth. The oversized hat helps add statement to the look, which is particularly important in winter when our fashion identity can be lost under a sea of black and grey coats.
Although it has been around for a few seasons there is still a calling for the jumper/dress look. The knitted detail of this jumper prevents it from appearing as a block of colour, whilst the red shoes give the look more distinction and a quirky twist. Thick jumper dresses are great in these freezing temperatures, however to make sure you maintain a flattering silhouette they should be worn with thick tights or skinny jeans and not anything which could add extra bulk.

The faux fur coat was a strong look in 2009 and whilst we are moving to pastures new in 2010 if you still want to get some use from your fur coat in the cold weather team it with a belt to pull in the waist and add structure to the coat. Faux fur can be brilliantly glamorous but can also add volume so this belted look keeps the coat nipped in and under control.

Layering is a very effective way to keep warm, however it can easily veer towards the hefty with clothing piled on rather than coordinated. For this look texture is key as too many chunky layers will lose shape and add bulk, whilst too many thin layers mean more and more items are required before any warming benefit. This is a good example of layering as a thin under-top is layered with a thicker medium layer, which adds interest with button detail, and then finished with a stripy woollen cardigan. A complementary pallet is adhered to so that no one layer is vying for attention whilst the all important belt is used to pull all the different layers together. The oversized scarf helps keep the look on trend and ties the colours of the three layers together.

Winter accessories can add interest and personality to dark and dull winter coats whilst simultaneously providing much needed warmth. For scarves this winter the longer the better providing the opportunity to twist and layer them in varied and individual ways. An exaggerated knit like this pink scarf is warm and distinctive, brightening up an otherwise dull black cardigan.                                                                             

This winter keep warm and keep it modo people ;)

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