Saturday, 12 September 2009

Welcome, University Fashionistas!

This blog was created for you.
Whether you are new to university life or have been here for a while, this is the place to read about ideas on how to survive university life with style. As a London-based university society, we try to include creativity and inventiveness into our activities. The reason for this is that, being part of an academic institution, we fear that our creative interests might be undermined.
Our solution for this was to create a yearly fashion show where UCL students get the chance to design and others to model or work behind the scene. We also started to set up photo shoots and events aimed at allowing students to interact and use their skills in collaboration with each other, no matter if it is make-up, photography or any other creative activity. We love open-mindedness and readiness to experiment in every creative form.
Some people misunderstand the purpose of our society due to the "fashion" bit in our name. They assume that we are all about sitting down in a cocktail bar discussing the new Laboutin shoes or Isabel Marant collection in our brand new DvF dress. Let's not forget that we are students and as such we cannot afford most of these things (unless through some well planned hunting for bargains! we'll keep you posted about places and ideas on how to do it!).
Fashion to us indicates the ability to express YOURSELF through your image.
We love individuality and inventiveness.
This blog is therefore supposed to be a window of communication of our thoughts, finds and activities to the outside world. We hope that our members will be happy to share their experiences on this blog in order to inspire other fellow students from across the world.
We sincerely hope this plan will work.
Until then,
Keep it MODO, people ;)!

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